] Podcast Feature! - Business Advertisement
] Podcast Feature! - Business Advertisement
] Podcast Feature! - Business Advertisement $35.00

Advertise, promote, and spread the word about your mission and business! BadChickHair offers many tools to assist entrepreneurs grow their brand. Being featured on the Brittney Bundles Podcast ( allows listeners to learn about your business, and provides you with  YouTube link of the recorded episode. The YouTube link of your featured interview can be placed on your website for your customers and clients to hear, on your social media platforms, and other outlets! 

How It Works


1. Purchase Your Podcast Feature!


2. Check Your Email For A Calendar Link To Schedule Your Session (30-45min).


3. Enter Our Zoom Session On Our Scheduled Day. 


4. Receive Your Recording Within 3-5 Business Days. 


* Please keep in mind that our recordings our conducted via Zoom. We have no control of Zoom’s voice clarity. We ask that you speak clearly and project your voice during our feature. All sales are final! We may not be able to reschedule your podcast session if you cannot make the original date. We are not liable nor do we promise a certain amount of listeners for your session. 

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